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Synesthesia at the ECC Architecture Venice Biennial 2021, palazzo Bembo

Our interview introducing the Synesthesia interactive installation during the European Cultural Center Venice Biennial opening events, May 20th to May 22nd, 2021:

For more information in regards to the European Cultural Center Architecture Venice Biennial 2021 and our participation see the links below:

Meet Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia, founders of PLB studio architecture practice and Assistant Professors at the College of Architecture and Built Environment, Thomas Jefferson University where they have founded the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab - SR&DL- in collaboration with health institutions within Thomas Jefferson University.

The SR&DL serves as a collaborative research and prototyping platform where interactive design and emergent health sciences meet, highlighting the recursion between the individual and their environment.

For TIME SPACE EXISTENCE 2021 they are exhibiting Synesthesia, the pilot in a series of interactive, perceptive installations of the SR&DL that respond to the human presence. Synesthesia is a collective body of bodies; an atmospheric, soft interface that shifts the narrative of an agreed syntax of form to a spatial construct of a performance of bodies. A main question they are exploring with this project is: What are the processes linking humans, machines and spaces, and how to navigate it to better understand the human-nonhuman interactions that occur within our built environment? The installation is a traveling experience that engages a variety of people, communities, and places.


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