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Lecture by Severino Alfonso at the IE Creativity Center. Embodied Imaginaries of Interior Space.

Embodied Imaginaries of Interior Space / A lecture for dynamic environments

Our daily interaction with our environments is mediated through a vast universe of electronics, sensors, and interconnected systems. The ongoing global pandemic has increased human-machine-environment entanglements at an unseen rate, having a large impact on our daily habits and physical and mental health. These systems are not an isolated form of material media, but they constitute an interdependent landscape that shapes the material complex surrounding us.

Information is increasingly acquiring form. Design, art, and science fields continuously explore the merging of the physical and digital and are invested in the fusion of data and matter. How does this search for spatial augmentation affect our daily experiences?

The use of sensors and actuator systems has made it possible to create dynamic spatial structures of inhabitation. From the human enacting on the predetermined possibilities the space affords, these fields of inquiry explore how the space itself offers opportunities for meaningful interaction.

Being exhibited at IE Creativity Center from Feb 23rd to March 10th, the multisensory, interactive installation Synesthesia is a project by Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia, as part of their research at the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab, Thomas Jefferson University, College of Architecture and Built Environment — a multidisciplinary praxis that evokes a discourse between design, art, technology, digital culture, and health.


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